My story: from Zero to non-stop sex

How a few simple experiences and know-hows completely changed my sex life!

Back in 2012, if you told me that I would be meeting up with beautiful women every day, I would of laughed at your face. Then became utterly sad about my lack there of. See back then I thought that only good looking, charming men were getting all the women. I had no clue about how things really work when it comes to casual meetups.

One night in 2012

Me AfterIt was September 28th - the day I will never forget. As usual, I was sitting at home by myself browsing the internet. At the time, I had profiles going on Plentyoffish + okCupid and was going on one date about every 2 weeks (which I thought was good.) Sex was a rare occurrence, and at the time I was having sex about every 2-3 months. On that random day though, something happened. I stumbled upon a new kind of website - a website promised that hundreds of women around me were looking to just hookup. Obviously, I thought this was a marketing scam, a ploy, or just a fictitious site. But... my curiosity got the best of me, so I signed up. What I saw on the site was nothing short of extraordinary. Women that I currently knew in my life (co-workers, girls from college), were actually on this site. Some of them had suggestive photos of themselves and most of their profiles said they just wanted to hookup.

You can imagine my face as I was staring at the screen. I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing. Girls just want to meet random guys? How it this possible?!! (What I later that many women often just want to have un-attached sex. They just can't afford to be be found about it because of the current views on their sexuality.) That night I messaged a girl I recognized back from college, and attached my picture. She replied back within 20 minutes, and admitted that she remembered me from back in the day. She then asked what I was doing, and whether I wanted to "hang out". Of course - I replied yes! An hour later, we met at a bar by my place, and very quickly ended up making out at the back of the bar. I then took her to my apartment, and we had a night I will never forget. Pure uninhibited sex, that went on until 6am.

The next day, I messaged every single girl on that site. Unfortunately, it didn't go very well. I didn't get many responses. My profile had a terrible picture, I had an awful description ("Just looking to have fun!"), and I had zero messaging game. That week I began my journey of fine tuning my online hookup game. I wanted to become so proficient at it that I could replicate that night any time I wanted. I read every book, every website, and every article. 6 months later - I was a master. I became so good at the online hookup game that I had girls lined up for every night of the week. It was a blissful time.

This victory, however, was very short lived. Very soon after, a sea of men started flooding all the adult dating sites. These men were forceful, rude, and unappealing. Each girl on the site would start getting hundreds of emails per day, most of which consisted of "Hey, nice rack! Want to come over?". Women quickly started to leave the sites, and very quickly the landscape became a barren land full of men talking to each other.

At that point I started to really investigate the online hookup game. I started doing the extensive research about where all the women were going to. I researched every site, every app, and looked in every corner. I left no stone in the internet un-turned. In the rest of this guide - I'm going to tell you, as of September 2015, what DOESN'T WORK to get laid online, and WHAT REALLY WORKS.

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