What Doesn't Work To Meet Girls

Some efforts just require too effort, or are just a a total waste of your time. This will help you avoid them.

The following are the methods I've tried in the past, while some of them may produce results once-in-a-while, they are very far from effective in hooking up every night.

Picking up girls at Bars

Lets just be honest for a second... How many times have you been out at the bar, looking to meet girls that night, and came back home empty handed and not in the best mood? Doesn't matter how good you are, those nights happen more often than not. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, its just the reality of the bar scene. See, the bar scene is a numbers game - for you to win, you have to talk to the right girl, at the right time, and you only get a few of those chances per night. The result is - your odds of getting 'lucky' are not good.


Craigslist has a special section for hookup called 'casual encounters'. In theory, this sounds like a fantastic idea! I mean - local girls, saying they want to hookup, some of them are hot - what can be better? Well, if you're not familiar with this section, save yourself the time. Unfortunately, 99.99% of the ads are fake. Except for the real girls on there that are prostitutes. If you dare reply to any of these ads, you will get an authentic looking - automatic response, asking you to send your personal email, phone number, or sometimes even a credit card for 'verification'. Do not respond back! These are not real people, and they DO NOT want to meet up. They just want your info, your money, or your identity. Now, occasionally, there are 1 or 2 real ads every few weeks. However, those girls literally get over 500 emails per day. Ensuring your email will be drowned by the sea of dick pics.

If you are looking for a wild night with a sexy escort, and have some cash laying around ($200-$600) , I recommend using Cityvibe.com.

Dating Sites & Apps (sometimes work)

One of the questions people ask me a lot is about dating sites. "Can't I just go on dates, and get laid?". Yes you can. In fact that's the most common way guys try to get laid. The problem arises when all you really want is a physical relationship, but you have to pretend that you want to date a person. What usually happens is that people get hurt and situations get bad. Wouldn't you rather just have a pleasurable physical relationship with someone who also just wants a physical relationship?

In reality, dating does work to get you laid. But it requires an extraordinary amount of effort, time, and money. Now, if you are truly looking for a real relationship, and want to find a girlfriend / wife - then dating sites and app are the way to go. Between all the apps (Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid) and the dating site (Match, eHarmony, Plentyoffish) - I highly recommend Match.com. The reason being that the girls on this site are actually dedicated to finding a good relationship. Plus, the quality of people is high.

Again, dating sites and apps do sometimes work, but they require energy that is much better served else where

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