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A look at how fast and easy it is to get laid in 2015 using simple online tools.

Now that we've covered what doesn't work (if you haven't read that, I recommend you do), we're going to reveal the simple 1-2-3 method that's actually guaranteed to get you laid.

The Basics

Sexy GirlIf you've read and followed along so far, you already know that there are currently thousands of women around you that are searching and willing at this very moment. The key to finding them is the proper access.

We've covered what access methods don't work. Now I'm going to give you the secret to what does work. The secret to getting laid every night is to use access points that I call aggregators. These aggregators are free websites that pull in all the local horny girls that are actually active online, and display them on one easy website platform. Not only do these website aggregate the right girls, but they also filter out the fake, the flaky, and the timid. These websites give you access to girls that ACTUALLY WANT to have sex TODAY.

So, you'd might ask, why aren't these sites all flooded with men??? Very simple, they're not well known. See...there is no money in actually hooking people up. Adult dating websites make money by making you browse for months (and pay them handsomely for that time in the process). They advertise heavily, develop entire brands and operations just to get you to their website. The aggregator websites are by nature not money making websites. Unlike adult dating sites - all they do is pull data from multiple sources, for your benefit. Which allows you to have access to unlimited women, every day of the week.

The 3 sites that will get you laid

Note: This section was last updated Sep 26, 2015. To keep this section current I will be updating this section every two weeks.

The first thing you're going to need is the names and urls of the best girl aggregator sites. I've personally tried over 30 sites in the last 2 years, and I've worked them out to the top 3. They're organized by their attributes, strengths, and the type of of women that are currently on them.

STEP 1: Setup a Free Profile in 2 min

While it may seems silly to use multiple sites at once, it is an ESSENTIAL component to having the sexual access you want. You don't have to use all three of these sites, but I highly recommend you sign up for a free profile on all three of them. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes, and it will pay an enormous amount of dividends in the end.

FuckbookhookupsFuckbookHookups is my top winner. Its currently free to sign up. It has 1.2 million active female members, most of whom are between 18-29. It lets you to search by zip code, activity level, sexual preferences, and if you're an active member - body types, hair color, and freakiness. Once you log in, you can immediately search for who is active and looking near you.

EasysexEasySex is my second favorite, and its an amazing site. It has live member-to-member chat that allows for instant interaction. This often quickly lead to a very effortless hookups. The average female age is on the site is 23-32, and it currently has 600,000 active females. The website is to use easy and very efficient.

milfaholicMilfaholic is exactly what it sounds like. It connects hot MILFs with younger men for casual sex. I personally found this site to be a gold mine for whenever the mood strikes for a fun cougar. The average age of the women on this site is 33-44, and the site boasts an impressive 550,000 daily active female members.

BEFORE YOU MOVE ON to the next step. I recommend quickly going to these sites and setting up your profile. This will allow you to follow this guide much easier, and will maximize your potential.

STEP 2: Write this

This next step is what I call the MAXIMIZER. The truth is, if you setup a profile with no picture and no description, you are very unlikely to get any kind of action. No girl wants to talk or meet up with a ghost. The great news is that you don't need to be attractive at all. No - I actually mean that. Attractive guys get more girls at the bar, but in the online world - its WHAT YOU SAY that always always gets the girl. If you've read my story, you know that I am very far from attractive. Yet, I've hooked up with more women than the best looking guys at the bar.

The reality is - women are actually drawn to the POSSIBILITY of you. NOT the physical you. This may sound counterintuitive, but have you ever seen women going crazy over the over-buff guys at the gym? No. Women go for mysterious musicians, struggling artists, and generally qualities that have little to do with a great face or body. That's just the mechanics of how they're wired.

The great thing for you is that you don't have to be any of these things. Instead, you're going to create a powerful POSSIBILITY of you. This possibility will instinctively draw women to you like a moth to a flame. They just can't help it. Its how they're built to respond.

Now, I'm going to share with you what you need to write in your profile, but I highly suggest you go to the resources section and download the full guide to setting up your profile. It offers an array of profile examples, and important tips and tricks to making your profile truly irresistible.

Your TAGLINE: "Experienced, Local To (insert your city here), Reliable, and Full of Stamina"

This may sound like a simple tagline to you, but to a woman, it tells volumes. It tells her that you know what you're doing (experienced), that you're down for something right now (local), and that its going to be good for her (stamina). This tag line alone will get you more interaction than you can imagine.


"Bullet points to start, profile below that for those who want details.
These bullet points describe me but they're less about me and more about what I can do for you.

- Personable and able to go with the flow, not pushy.
- Great size and girth, shaved or trimmed.
- Stamina to last for at least 30 mins, if not 1 or 2 hours, depending on sexual compatibility.
- Ability to(if you so wish) to go rough, fast, and hard without cumming.
- Can cum on command, which comes in handy if you're getting tired or sore.
- I Don't flake, if I say I'll be there, I'll be there.
- Always come showered and smelling and looking good.
- Clean, no STD's, always play safe, test every 6 months, & have test results on hand if needed.
- I clean up after myself 100% (condoms...etc), I respect people's homes.
- I arrive with 0 expectations. If I'm not the right fit for you, I'll 100% understand.
- I bring everything I need. Condoms (including non-latex), lube, booze, mints...etc.

I'm not pushy and at the same time not shy... I "go with the flow", I'm good at sensing comfort levels and proceeding accordingly. I respect all limits and rules. I'm a true gentleman outside the bed but at the ladies request I can be dominant and rough if needed.

I'm not just a sex machine, I'm very respectful, courteous, educated and intelligent. Been into casual sex for about three years (on and off in between serious relationships, because I don't cheat). I have no diseases, I get tested regularly and ALWAYS play it safe (condoms are mandatory for me). I have great size and girth. I can hold off an orgasm till your are satisfied (ladies first), I can also cum on command. Sometimes I stay hard even after I cum and cum more than once depending on the situation. I can fuck for at least an hour. I can fuck rough without cumming (if that is what you're into). The biggest turn on for me is how much you enjoying the experience, the more you're turned on, the more I am turned on... I guess you can say I'm giving in a selfish kind of way ;)

If you like what you've read, feel free reach out and I'll take the reigns." - END PROFILE


As we mentioned before, what you look like is not that important. However, it is PARAMOUNT that you HAVE A PICTURE. Now, a lot people get scared to put their real picture on websites like this, and that is OK. What you'll find out is that most women only put partial pictures of themselves as well. So what I highly recommend doing is putting a smiley face or a Zoro eye mask over your face and posting that picture. In addition, you will get a lot more action if you have 2-3 pictures instead of just one. They can just be of you in different angles. Or of you doing something interesting. It really doesn't matter.

Finally, its better if you have 1 or 2 full body pictures of yourself (NOT NUDE!), and they are in higher HD quality. Again, DO NOT put naked pictures of you or any of your body parts. DO NOT put pictures of you with other girls. The pictures should be of you, preferably just hanging at a social settings or a natural environment. No bathroom selfies. Women want to know that you have a good sense of judgement. As long as you don't put anything off-putting, you're going to do great.

Again, if you haven't signed up and filled out your free profiles yet, I recommend you do that now.

STEP 3: Message This

The final step is messaging the women you want to have sex with. I won't go through the details of how to search for women on these sites, I know you can figure that out on your own. But once you've found the women you like, you're going to be strategic about when and how you approach them.

First of all, I highly recommend sending all your messages around 9pm at night. That seems to be the sweet spot for when the most messages are read and engaged with. Second of all, you want to message as many women as possible, but break it down to 10-20 per night. You don't want to message all the women at once, that will saturate your own market. Finally, your message should say this:

Title: "I'm wondering about..."

Message: "I'll be honest, when I first read your profile, I didn't know I would be so inclined to message you afterwards. Something about you, made me wonder what kind of conversations we could have, and where those conversations might lead to. I suppose I should introduce my self. My name is (insert your real or fake name here), and I'm looking for something very similar to you. If you're still active I would love to ask you a little bit more about your self. Send me a message."

Now, some sites enforce a messaging limit 'restriction', and they might ask you to sign up for a membership. You don't have to, but if you can afford it, I suggest doing that. Having a membership will tremendously increase your success. Mostly because members get top priority in the girl's mailbox, they can send unlimited messages, and the 'member seal' signifies that you're not just another amateur.


That's it. When the responses to come in, just play along. If you're not fully sure how to play along and get the girl from the online conversation into a real-life hookup, I recommend you download the full 1-2-3 step messaging guide. Its in the resources section.

If you have any questions that are specific to your situation, feel free to email me [email protected]

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